The birth of a New Concept

Following Max's Everesting Lebanon for charity on Oct. 15, 2020

He slept like a baby for the better part of 12 hours. When Max woke up, he felt drained and only managed to shuffle around the home like a zombie. It wasn't until four or five days later that he got back on the bike, per his coach’s instructions.

During that time, Max had a chance to reflect on the experience. This led his insatiable mind to make him consider the possibility of pushing the boundaries beyond Everesting...

The all-new Concept of Seven Summiting

It was only a few days later when, fully recovered and eager to get back on the bike that Max came up with the challenging new concept of Seven Summiting:
This consists of picking seven hill segments anywhere, and cycling up and down each hill on seven consecutive days - the required number of times until, every day, the total positive ascent equals the altitude of one of the Seven Summits (the highest peak on each continent).
Eager to find out if he could ‘walk the latk', and with his fitness peaking from the six months of rigorous training, Max began looking at hill segments around the area he lives in. Thereafter, the rest, as they say, is history…

Seven Summiting on Youtube

Any question regarding the concept of Seven Summiting ?