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Bikejoring: sport where the dog runs, pulling the mountain biker — 

Bikejoring: sport where the dog runs, pulling the mountain biker — 

Bikejoring: sport where the dog runs, pulling the mountain biker — 

Who is Pepper ?... and why ?

In Feb. 2021, Max adopted a rescued puppy

... six months later, while fatbiking with Pepper running alongside him, Max fell and broke his hip. The fall was Max's fault, but Pepper was the culprit.

At the time, Max was entered to compete in the 2021 UCI World Masters Championships, but this unfortunate event abruptly ended his training and he withdrew his participation.

Wrapping his head around this new, harsh reality was very tough - perhaps understandably for someone who had achieved the Seven Summits, the Three Poles, the Indian Ocean, the Empty Quarter, etc… all unscathed.

Lebanon is one of the few places on Earth where are you can snow-ski in the morning and sea-ski in the afternoon, without a wetsuit. Naturally, between the mountains and the sea, you are welcome to take a break and sightsee or indulge in fine Lebanese cuisine and exquisite sweets and fruit.

What is Bikejoring ?

While recovering from hip surgery in his hospital bed...

... Max had time to reflect on the incident. He soon faced an incredibly tough decision:

• Either give away Pepper, his new, totally devoted friend - and indeed, soulmate
• Or find a way to somehow turn this negative incident into some sort of positive.

A few days later, while still in hospital, recovering, Max finds out - by sheer karma two important facts:

• that he crashed practicing a sport he didn’t know existed: Bikejoring*,
• that Pepper’s dog breed (GSP, short for German Shorthaired Pointer) happens to be the best suited for this discipline - given their speed, stamina and love for running.

*Bikejoring: (pronounced baik-jawr-ing) is a sport where a dog runs in front of a bike, pulling.

What's next ?

This discovery, coupled with Pepper’s passion for running...

... made Max send a few emails in the aim of solving his dilemma and channeling Pepper's energy constructively.

Long story short: Max & Pepper have been invited to represent Lebanon at the upcoming ICF World Bikejoring Championships this April 2022 in Plédran, France (

Turning this negative incident (a broken hip) into something positive has become Max's new ‘Everest’. Now fully immersed in this discipline and determined to do his best to make a champion out of Pepper, the two have been training diligently for the past few months. They look forward to take the start. Stay tuned!

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